“Chloe Lee is a true pastry artist and genius pastry chef. She took my cake ideas for both cakes and turned them into amazing works of art! Ben used to be a DJ and still has his turntables set up in our living room and spins for us so I had the idea of surprising him for his groom’s cake with an exact replica of his turn tables and having a 3-D mini Deadmau5 head and Daft Punk helmet beside them. Ben was almost in tears when we saw the cake at the rehearsal dinner and every one was so shocked that it was an actual edible, delicious cake! His friends could not get over how real and identical it was to his turntables, down to the personalized stickers on them! Then, we were in complete awe and excitement when we saw our wedding cake at the reception for the first time. The glitter layers and pearl shimmer layers were the “icing on the cake” to our already perfect day!! She also made my dream of having sparklers on the cake a reality and every one was surprised and it made for some of the most beautiful pictures!! We LOVED the cake and will love the top layer again on our first anniversary. We cannot thank Chloe enough for the time and effort she out into our cakes. We can tell how much passion she has for her art, and we are so grateful to be among the lucky couples that get to have her designing their cakes. We will definitely spread the word that she is the lady to see!!”  ~Ashleigh J.~

“Chloe is fantastic, I highly recommend her. I’ve tried a number of her flavors, they are all amazing but she does beautiful work too. She was very flexible and went out of her way, several times, to make things easy on us. Her professional judgment is very good as well, we left a few things open to see what worked and she made a few minor adjustments that worked out perfectly. She was able to figure out exactly what would suit us best, and did I mention the cake is delicious?!! I highly recommend Chloe for any excuse you can find to have a cake made!”  ~Victoria & Kevin~

“Thank you SOOO much Chloe!! The cake was beautiful and delicious!  It was the most beautiful wedding cake we’ve ever seen!  Thank you for making our dreams come true!  You’ll be hearing from us for our next event soon!!”  ~Brittany & Jason~

“Creativity, imagination, wonderful taste, and promptness on delivery are the hallmarks of Chloe Lee and her cakes.   She is so easy to work with, friendly, and precise in her directions and plans.   We were just overwhelmed by the design and options that she prepared for our cake.   Excellence is the byword of her business.”  ~Tony H.~

“Chloe worked with me to create my vision of my perfect wedding cake. The cake she delivered was even more beautiful than what I had envisioned. I was told that some of the girls at the wedding had “cake envy.” It was gorgeous and delicious. Thanks for making my wedding cake absolutely amazing!”  ~Christi & Parker F.~

“Chloe is a rare gem of a wedding service provider that, once you find them, you stay with them for life! Any cakes I need made in future? Chloe will be our baker. Her cakes are amazingly delicious with unique twists on standard flavors, service and response were impeccable and personable, she was willing to work with us for special dietary needs, and the cakes she made for both events (a small wedding dinner with three individual cakes and a larger wedding cake reception with a 3-tier cake) were absolutely gorgeous! Rave reviews from us AND our guests. Cakes by Chloe is our specialty cake baker from now on. Thank you, Chloe!”  ~Tina W.~

“Chloe is a true professional and one of the most talented pastry chefs you’ll ever encounter. My clients fall in love with her the moment they meet her and as a wedding planner I couldn’t be more thrilled by her careful attention to detail and her desire to give brides and grooms exactly what they want and then some. Her cakes are works of art and the flavors are incredible!”  ~Becca Atchison, owner Rebecca Rose Events~

“Chloe is quite simply the BEST! She is helpful, creative, professional, flexible, and extremely talented. She worked fastidiously with us to ensure that she captured our style and vision precisely. That is saying a lot as I am a Designer by trade! The cake looked amazing with gorgeous and incredibly lifelike sugar flowers (anemones) and fondant. It was a beautiful modern take on retro 50s cake. The cake was a work of art and we almost didn’t want to destroy to by eating it; but I am glad we did. The taste was divine! We chose alternating tiers of vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream and chocolate with Nutella YUM! She uses quality ingredients and techniques to make the most moist, delicious, and beautiful cakes. Chloe is the complete package and I hope to work with her in the future!”  ~Bec & Allen~

“I don’t know where to start. If you are looking for talent, you want Chloe.  If you are looking for quality, you are looking for Chloe, and if you want some good – I mean GOOD cake, you are looking for yes I said it CAKES BY CHLOE!!! I was a bride with no clue about cakes and after Chloe helped me and talked to me about different options I felt so much better. If I could show you my email you would really be shocked on top of making other wedding cakes she had time to email me and answer all my questions, did I say ALL my questions!  I was so happy with the work that she did. If you are looking for a wedding cake vendor to make your life a little easier please talk to Chloe!!!!”  ~Angie S.~


“Chloe was an absolute delight to work with! She was totally flexible, gave great feedback and suggestions, and does beautiful work. The cakes were delicious – I chose 2 different flavors and loved both. My only regret is not eating more at my own wedding!  In a time where you have to think about a million details at once, it was so nice to work with someone so organized and responsive.”  ~Catherine W.~

“Finding Chloe at the bridal show was the best thing ever!! Our wedding cakes were fantastic!!! The Groom’s cake as well as our wedding cake were simply show stoppers! They were more wonderful than I had even imagined and on top of that they were delicious! Chloe was so easy to work with and really listened to what we wanted and made it happen. She even worked with us to incorporate the Southern and the Peruvian tradition of the Ribbon Pull. Ask her about it! It was perfect and a big hit with the single ladies!! I cannot wait until our 1 year anniversary when we can unpack that anniversary tier and dig in! Check her out! She is the very best!!! I know you’ll love her! We do!”  ~Lyndsay & Jonathan H.~

“Chloe is amazing! Not only did she deliver, but she has wonderful judgment! Letting Chloe have free reign on your cake would definitely be a good idea. Chloe is professional and we appreciated her advice in creating our design. talent shows through in her designs. In addition to her professionalism and talent, Chloe is so nice and a joy to work with.”

“I met Chloe at an opening for a local spa. She was standing at her table displaying delectable lavender cakes.  On the table was a giant tree made of pink roses.  Little did I know, that tree of roses was edible! I thought they were real! Chloe is not just a baker, she is a culinary artist.”  ~Patricia F.~

“I am always delighted in the fact that Chloe’s creations are just as delicious as they are beautiful.  Anytime I need a spectacular and delicious cake, I always call Chloe.   She makes my events such a hit!”  ~Carol W.~

“Chloe is such a talented baker and artist! She is extremely well organized and is a good business woman. You can’t go wrong when working with Chloe!”  ~Bella Wedding & Event Planning~