Do you only offer wedding cakes?
Not at all!  We specialize in custom wedding and celebration cakes for events of all kinds of events including: birthdays, commitment celebrations, LGBT events, baby showers, anniversaries, bridal showers, engagements, Bar & Bat Mitvahs, Quinceañeras and gifts, as well as corporate and charitable events.  We also make individual cakes, table cakes, cupcakes, custom-decorated cookies, and more!

I don’t see any prices on your website; do you have a price list?
Each cake is custom-designed and created, we are not able to provide a set price list.  Most wedding cakes are priced per person, smaller orders (typically under 100 guests) are priced per cake.   Please call or email us for details (be sure to include date of event, location, number of guests you need to serve and any ideas you might have).

Do you offer consultations and tastings?
Yes, we offer tastings and in-person consultations for your wedding for you and up to 3 other people.  However, due to the high volume of orders each week, we reserve in-person consultations and tastings for larger weddings and events, but are happy to work with you via email and phone for smaller event and also provide you with a list of references should you wish.  Please call or email us for details.  We do have a strict limit of a maximum of 4 people to attend the tasting.  Although the cake tasting is one of the fun elements of planning a wedding, and oftentimes the entire family and wedding party wants to be involved, we have found it can be difficult to focus during the allotted time with the input of more than 4 people and we need to ensure there is enough cake to taste.

How should I prepare for the consultation?
Your design session is scheduled for one hour, which has proven to be ample time to both taste cake and discuss design.  Please be on time as we cannot guarantee you will get the full hour if you are late, as we have other clients to meet and cakes to bake.  We ask that you gather as much information as you can to bring with you: color swatches, images, photos of your dress, details of your flowers, Pinterest boards, invitations, monograms, etc and be prepared to make cake design decisions.  The more information we have the better!

How far in advance should I order a cake?  How many cakes do you take per week?
We are often booked months in advance, especially during the busy wedding season as well as during the holidays so the sooner you can secure your order, the better.  We don’t have a set number of cakes we create each week – that number is based on the cakes that are already booked, as some cakes require considerably more time to create than others.  We believe that each and every cake deserves as much attention as the next so we never overbook or sacrifice quality for quantity.

How do I secure my date?
We require a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to secure any order as well as a signed contract to secure a wedding/special event order.  The deposit for weddings and larger special events is $100.  The deposit for other custom cakes is based on the cake, please contact us for details.

I don’t want to order enough cake to feed all of the guests at my wedding because I know some people don’t eat cake, is this ok?
We don’t advise it and neither do many event coordinators we work with!  Would you order fewer chairs for the ceremony or fewer portions of Chilean sea bass for a seated dinner service?  Wedding cake portions are quite small (1”x2”x4” generally speaking) and if you opt for different flavors for each tier, some guests might have more than one slice to sample all of the flavors.  We have found that the number of guests who do not eat cake are balanced out by those who might have more than one piece.  We advise you to order enough cake for about 90% of your headcount.

Do you make faux (fake) wedding cakes?
Yes…and no.  Because we take such pride in our work, we want to have control over both the taste of cakes as well as the aesthetics.

Three situations you might have questions about:

1) You have your heart set on a five-tiered cake, but you only have 75 guests.  We will create as many faux tiers as you would like and your budget will allow and no one will be able to tell it’s not real cake!  However, just because it isn’t cake doesn’t mean it will be significantly more cost effective because the tiers still need to be decorated which takes time, skill and materials and that is reflected in the cost.

2) You would like to use one of our cakes as a display cake and serve a cake made or purchased somewhere else.  In this instance we will not create a faux cake for you, as it is our reputation and name on the cake and we choose not to have our name associated with a cake someone else made.

3) Our cakes are outside of your budget.  It is part of our job to work within any budgetary parameters you might have so we can certainly discuss the options of creating both a faux cake as well as cake kept in the back to be served to guests, but we do have a policy that a minimum number of regularly priced servings must be purchased before you can purchase service cakes.

Is it possible to use a fake display cake and serve from sheet cakes in order to reduce my costs?
It depends, you might not be saving a significant amount money unless the cake is very large or involves a complex design.  While there are certainly hard costs associated with ingredients, a significant portion of the cost of a custom cake comes from the time, skill, and effort involved in that cake. Therefore, even if it is an artificial cake, you still have to pay for the time, skill and effort that was required to create your faux cake.   We are more than happy to discuss options with you.

Do your cakes contain nuts?  Do you offer vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free options?
Not all of our cake recipes include nuts, but some do including nut extracts.  With that said, all of our cakes are produced in a kitchen that does utilize nuts, as is the case with many of the ingredients we use (flour for example), so please use discretion when placing an order.  At this time, we are not offering cakes for clients with special dietary needs, but will keep you posted when this becomes available.

Do you deliver?  Do you ship cakes?
Yes, we deliver, please contact us for details.  However, we do not ship cakes due to the fragile nature of our product.

I’d like to stop by, where are you located?
Cakes by Chloe LLC is a professional cake design studio that is not open to the public.  We bake out of a fully licensed and insured kitchen. Although we’d love to see you, we are not currently set up to accept walk-ins.